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Plant Sales

Hobart Group

The Hobart Group had a successful spring Plants Sale at the Kingston Primary School on Saturday 15 October, 2016. The Groups’ Nursery is located in the Kingston Primary School, and the plants were set up for sale under the sand box shelter on the Hutchins Street side of the School. 30 trays of plants in 25 to 150mm pots were sold together with some books from the Group’s now closed library. Knowledgeable Group Members propagate the plants throughout the year, growing them from seed and cuttings.
These Members were available on Plants Sale day to give advice on what plants are best suited for which position and growing conditions. Some of the plants were propagated by Kingston Primary School grade 5 and 6 students during Thursday afternoon Landcare classes.

The Group also had a spring time Plants Sale at the Tasmanian Bushland Garden’s Open Day on Saturday 8 October. A reasonable number of plants were sold at this beautiful location where a large number of new, fascinating sculptures were on display.

The next Hobart Group Plants Sale is scheduled for Saturday 18 March from 9am to 2pm in the same location, under the sand box shelter on the Hutchins Street side of the School. Another batch of beautiful Australian, especially Tasmanian species is being propagated for your enjoyment.

Funds from the Plants Sales go toward maintaining the propagation facility in the Nursery and purchasing propagation materials. When excess is recouped, a donation is made to the School which provides the Nursery space and services free of charge. After the very successful 9 April 2016 Plants Sale, a donation of $700 was made to the School to completely fund the purchase of the special outdoor setting bought last October with the help of the Autumn Plants Sales funds.

A donation is usually made to the TBG from receipts on the Open Day

Northern Group


The Northern Group had a very nice day for their Plants Sale on 8 October. People started to arrive while they were still unloading. Perhaps because of their extensive advertising or a new initiative of have Native Plant Sale signs placed on the highways in and out of Launceston.

They sold a total of 638 plants, a few books and cards, taking a record amount for their Group. This included 5 new memberships. They are saying their shelves are now bare! Fortunately, as they have a strong active propagation group, their shade house is full of immature plants and, it is now time to pull them out to harden off and grow ready for their next sale in autumn.

They are already utilising their “spare time”, and having extra working bees to obtain more varied cutting material and plants for autumn. This is being done by visiting Northern Members’ lovely native gardens, and having Members bring more cutting material to their propagation sessions each month.

North West Group

One of the principal activities of the North West Group is to propagate Australian plants and to offer them for sale to members and the public.  A major plants sale is held each year in autumn. Smaller spring sales in recent years have been held in conjunction with open gardens and local garden shows.  These Plants Sales are the Group's main source of funds, so form an important part of the Group's activities. 

If you would like more information about our monthly propagation sessions refer to the Calendar page of this website. If you would like to buy plants from our nursery between Plants Sales, please contact us on our Group's page of this website.

The North West Group had a good Port Sorell Spring Fair day. In spite of the terrible weather forecast there was no wind. No sun either, but mainly dry and a good attendance. The Group sold a large number of plants. If this continues as an annual event it will be very good for the Group.