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Tasmanian Endemic Flora Species. Page 1.

Acacia derwentiana

Botanical Name: Acacia derwentiana
Common Name: Derwent wattle
Family: Mimosaceae
Size: 1-3m H x to 3m W
Flowering Time: Late spring/early summer
Habitat/distribution: The banks of the Derwent River and its lower tributaries, the banks of the Carlton and Prosser Rivers in south east Tasmania
Where to See: On the bank of the Derwent River beside the Glenora Road, 2km south from Plenty, downstream of the old railway bridge at the cascades; at the confluence of the Derwent and Broad Rivers via Dawson Road, Ouse; on the bank of the Tyenna River, beside the Gordon River Road, west of the Lake Fenton pipeline, Westerway; along the Carlton River at and upstream from the bridge on the Kellevie Road, Kellevie.

Agastachys odorata

Botanical Name: Agastachys odorata
Common Name: Fragrant candlebush
Family: Proteaceae
Size: 1-3m H x 0.5m-1m W
Flowering Time: Summer
Habitat/distribution: The west and south-west of Tasmania in areas of high rainfall, often on poor soils, found in exposed positions and sheltered gullies.
Where to See: South West and Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers NPs

Allocasuarina monilifera

Botanical Name: Allocasuarina monilifera
Common Name: Necklace sheoak
Family: Casuarinaceae
Size: 0.5-4m H x 1-4m W
Flowering Time: Summer/autumn/winter
Habitat/distribution: Widespread throughout the east of the State and Bass Strait islands. Tolerates a wide range of soils from sand to clay, coastal heaths to subalpine scrub.
Where to See: Risdon Brook Reserve; Tasman, Freycinet and Douglas Apsley NPs

Anodopetalum biglandulosum

Botanical Name: Anodopetalum biglandulosum
Common Name: Horizontal
Family: Cunoniaceae
Size: 2-15m H x 2-15m W
Flowering Time: Spring
Habitat/distribution: Locally common in wet forests of the north-west, west and south.
Where to See: Hartz Mt, South West, Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers and Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair NPs

Anopterus glandulosus

Botanical Name: Anopterus glandulosus
Common Name: Tasmanian laurel
Family: Escalloniaceae
Size: 2-4m H x 2-3m W
Flowering Time: Spring/summer
Habitat/distribution: Moist understorey in rainforest. Widespread in high rainfall areas throughout the State, sea level to mountain.
Where to See: Hartz, Mt Field, Tasman and Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair NPs

Aristotelia peduncularis

Botanical Name: Aristotelia peduncularis
Common Name: Heartberry
Family: Elaeocarpaceae
Size: 0.75m H x 0.5-1m W
Flowering Time: Summer
Habitat/distribution: Widespread, locally common in shady moist forests.
Where to See: Hartz, Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair, South West and Tasman NPs

Asterotrichion discolor

Botanical Name: Asterotrichion discolor
Common Name: Tasmanian currajong
Family: Malvaceae
Size: 3-8m H x 2-4m W
Leaves: Variable in size, alternate, upper surface dull green with much-divided veins, lower surface covered densely with star shaped hairs, edges of leaves bluntly serrated.
Flowers: Small with 5 white petals, usually male and female on separate plants, perfumed, prolific, on axillary stems.
Flowering Time: Mid to late autumn to winter.
Habitat/distribution: Limited distribution in damp Eucalyptus gullies in the south-east.
Where to See: Kingston Wetlands, Kellevie Road, Carlton River upstream from Kellevie Road.
Other notes: A very attractive garden specimen with masses of sweetly perfumed flowers in autumn. It requires moist, well-drained soil with part shade. Propagate from seed or cuttings. The fibrous nature of the bark may make this plant useful for paper-making.

Athrotaxis cupressoides

Botanical Name: Athrotaxis cupressoides
Common Name: Pencil pine
Family: Cupressaceae
Size: 8-20m H x 2-6m W
Flowering Time: Immature cones, inconspicuous in spring
Habitat/distribution: High altitude areas, 700-1,200m, of the western and central mountains, in damp depressions or along stream and lake edges forming dense stands in some areas.
Where to See: Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair NP, Mt Field NP

Athrotaxis selaginoides

Botanical Name: Athrotaxis selaginoides
Common Name: King Billy pine
Family: Cupressaceae
Size: 15-40m H x 2-5m W
Flowering Time: Immature cones, inconspicuous in spring
Habitat/distribution: Moist slopes of high rainfall area in the western and southern mountains to 1,200m, often in rainforest, sometimes as pure stands, and sometimes extending to alpine zones.
Where to See: Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair NP, Hartz Mt NP

Bedfordia salicina

Botanical Name: Bedfordia salicina
Common Name: Tasmanian blanketleaf
Family: Asteraceae
Size: 2-5m H x 2-3m W
Flowering Time: Spring
Habitat/distribution: Wet gullies and wet sclerophyll forests at low altitudes. Common and widespread in moist areas.
Where to See: Glover Track, Knocklofty Reserve; Lenah Valley Track, Wellington Park; Fortescue Bay, Tasman NP; Lyell Highway, Tarraleah; Howells Bluff, Lake Rowallan;

Bellendena montana

Botanical Name: Bellendena montana
Common Name: Mountain rocket
Family: Proteaceae
Size: 0.5-1m H x 1-2m W
Flowering Time: Summer
Habitat/distribution: Moist, moderately well drained mountain woodland and grasslands. Widespread above 600m.
Where to See: Wellington Park; Hartz, Mt Field, Cradle Mt Lake St Clair and Ben Lomond NPs

Billardiera longiflora

Botanical Name: Billardiera longiflora
Common Name: Purple appleberry
Family: Pittosporaceae
Size: Twining vine, to 10m in tall forest, smaller over shrubs
Flowering Time: Spring/summer
Habitat/distribution: Wet sclerophyll forests. Common in southern Tasmania to 900m level.
Where to See: Wellington Park, Waterworks Reserve, and other southern moist reserves and southern NPs